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Mac & Cheese Post
Differences Between Kroger Macaroni & Cheese dinners
Because since when the F is rich & creamy a flavor

White Cheddar
Milk added: 1/4 cup
Powder packet: Wheat-based
Apparently the cheddar cheese added is yellow (with annatto). The mac & cheese achieves a white color by mainly being flavored by whey and buttermilk powder.

Rich & Creamy
Milk added: 1/2 cup
Powder packet: Corn-based
Yellow color achieved with food coloring. The cheddar cheese in this is actually uncolored to begin with.
Some cellulose is added as thickeners for the extra milk. More like mac & trees, lol. Let's get foodbabe in on this </sarcasm>

The more you know (rainbow)!


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