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Oh hay gais
Haven't checked in in a while. Now I work at Huck's in Carbondale with 11 other people including the manager and I'm doing a bang up job. 15 minutes away from my house. I love working in a place where my effort is visible/appreciated and it doesn't even pay that much less than the literally suicide-inducing job I left after a decade. I don't just work and get paid- I feel awesome, get shit done, remember customer's names and birthdays, make people laugh, etc. The work is also physically less taxing so I feel less like shit/ putting a Bulletball in my brain.

Porn normally is pretty neutral to me where I find it interesting but not horn inducing- but this is like the most erotic painting I've ever seen (Picasso). Mainly I operate on physical (inexplicable) feelings. I'm 30 and still trying to figure this out but- the hottest things I find are a particular juxtaposition of a color pallet and angles. Fucking art school. Also the new Pepsi logo- super hot </weirdo>

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it's fantastic to hear that you have a new job that you totally dig! 8DDDDDD

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