Mac & Cheese Post
Differences Between Kroger Macaroni & Cheese dinners
Because since when the F is rich & creamy a flavor

White Cheddar
Milk added: 1/4 cup
Powder packet: Wheat-based
Apparently the cheddar cheese added is yellow (with annatto). The mac & cheese achieves a white color by mainly being flavored by whey and buttermilk powder.

Rich & Creamy
Milk added: 1/2 cup
Powder packet: Corn-based
Yellow color achieved with food coloring. The cheddar cheese in this is actually uncolored to begin with.
Some cellulose is added as thickeners for the extra milk. More like mac & trees, lol. Let's get foodbabe in on this </sarcasm>

The more you know (rainbow)!

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Hey, I got a job at Premium Retail the very next day. It's 3 to 10 hours a week at $10 an hour right now, but I'm surprised I got any kind of retail/merchandising job this early in the year, really :I I believe this job is something among the lines of, I set up displays at the Murphysboro and Du Quoin Walmarts and check on them a few times a week. ???

The Real Wheat Blues
I always entered the factory with a respirator on, but it didn't stop me from getting nosebleeds and mouth sores. Also I had anal bleeding despite... wearing pants? Today when I entered the plant wearing a respirator, I broke out into a cold sweat, shook a lot, and almost puked and passed out. I mean, I already had flaking sores on my skin from where flour had touched me that looked like chemical burns. So, instead of getting better, apparently I was getting worse. My manager said they'd never had anyone with this condition apply before, but they were going to let me go, and I should head to Manpower again tomorrow and look for another factory job that didn't involve processing wheat. And I liked this job pretty good too o_o

Fish on Rails
The tips of my fingers have been numb since I started working at Gilster's, and this weekend I've had a cold. I can't remember the last time I felt this crummy :I My whole body is stiff and hurts. Today after a nap, my hands are numb. When I woke up David and Nicola were watching Tale Spin. David noted that Baloo calls Kit 'Lil' Britches' although neither of them wear pants o_O

Then we were watching this video about a guy playing a horrible indie video game about fish, when David and I slipped into the bedroom hoping Nicola would be entranced by the video and wouldn't notice. Minutes later, Nicola came knocking at the door asking if I was afraid of 'the American fish train', and then if I was afraid of the Bowser on my window curtain :I

Then David went to work, and Nicola asked to watch Ghostbusters 2 after seeing Skylander Dad on YouTube play the Ghostbuster's Lego Dimensions level. The date the lady gives for the end of the world at the beginning of the movie was Valentine's Day 2016. Sounds like a party :P

numbers(?) and progress(?)
I got a job at the Gilster's cake factory in Steeleville as a line operator. I'm not quite sure exactly what the job entails, but it seems to involve monitoring gauges and filling out forms. I went to orientation today and everything seemed pretty chill, except I had a mild anaphylactic reaction from a quick tour through the plant. I mean, red face, difficulty breathing and swallowing, swollen all over, joint pain, etc. Luckily, my wheat allergy seems to have subsided enough at this point that a Benedryl completely took care of the symptoms, thank goodness :I

And why did my wheat allergy suddenly become not so incredibly life threatening? I'd been on depo since Nicola was born, which was when my health took a sharp decline, but recently I didn't have the money or insurance to get it re-upped. As it ran out, I became able to touch wheat without getting a rash or feeling light-headed, so I began eating a bit of it again and I seemed to be more or less fine. So.... ??? At least I don't have a latex allergy/ looking into birth control that isn't depo in the meantime :I

But another cool thing about Gilster's: They have a company store where you can buy the items they make at factory price. For instance, you can buy a box of mac and cheese for a quarter. That is about all I know right now. And now... Nicola requires my assistance to locate her glow in the dark Bratz witch doll :0 brb

Hey guys I found out yesterday that Mitch's Minecraft server is still up!
I hope to actually gain... numbers(?) and progress(?) and link the towns together in the nether, however the hell that works. Reaching the end game? I don't think I really care :I But I do hope I can figure out what the world seed was some day so I can scout it on or whatever o.O

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Breaking news: David Bowie dies from pancreatic cancer to promote new album


As far as the new Star Wars goes, thank god they killed off Han Solo. Now if they can just kill off Princess Leia so we can stop hearing her otherworldly theme every time a nondescript old woman enters screen and says nothing. She could've at least, I dunno, been bedecked in fairy wings and sparkles or something. I would've settled for a 60s style soft focus. New Star Wars 2: Oh yeah, she died off screen.

Finn/Poe: This was probably my favorite part of new Star Wars. It was like the only pseudo/human romantic thing going on, and I'm really surprised Poe lived despite looking Indianish. This is what I couldn't relate to in the prequels- it lacked a gay black storm trooper/Indian rebel romance, true to my heart. And by this I mean as far from my actual reality as far as it could go. My reality is I'm a super-weirdo, go figure. This is probably still within the realms of fanfiction, but goddamn. What's more real, more saturating in 2016? The silver screen or the computer screen?

On an aside: Kale. My normal, Walmart variety Kale is coated in dirt and tastes like flavorless parsley, while the organic shit from Lady Moon Farms is pre-rinsed and tastes like kale mixed with basil and T-bone steak, wtf. I know the organic shit uses toxic (without safer man-made) chemicals, and is an inefficient use of gardening soil. ...I guess that's the difference- I'd rather eat veal than beef, really :I.

what the hell did sonico sell again
Hi! David and I finally tried Mountain Dew wings at Buffalo Wild Wings. They were actually called Zesty Citrus Wings. They tasted a whole lot like Mountain Dew/ Orange Chicken.

I got a job dealing Kirby vacuums, but unbeknownst to me they had 72 hour work weeks with only $200 guaranteed a week if you were there for the whole 72 hours. The high point was crying for 5 hours in a hotel lobby during a sales rally in Louisville Kentucky. I slipped into a bar and an old contractor bought me a $10 (delicious) bloody Mary. Then I slipped in for the last hour of the sales rally and continued openly weeping within a foot of some Paul F. Tompkins looking motherfucker while he gave a presentation. My manager told me I didn't have to keep doing this job if it made me miserable so I didn't.

I have an interview for the coffee shop in Carbondale Kroger on Friday. And one of the many reasons I need this, or any job really, is for things like this:

Okay, so this Disney movie level Jobs movie on Netflix- I always supposed Steve Job was a fuckface, but according to this documentary he was a beautiful, tall, eyelash-ioed fuckface who could always say the random stupid fuckface thing that made them money, leading to the iPod (where the movie ends). He keeps hiring people who know what they're doing and treating them like shit, while all the while he has the competency of a doorstop.

Then he keeps lecturing his employees on retarded five-year old ideals like he had a goddamned tumor in his brain (did he?) Fact: Ashton Kutcher, while preparing for this movie, tried living the 'fruitarian' diet like the actual Steve Jobs did. He almost died and was hospitalized within a week of shoot, mostly because the 'fruitarian' diet is a piece of shit based on no reality that will (based on science) eventually kill you.

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Been playing Dance Dance Revolution SuperNova 2 for PS2, Princess Tomato in the Salad Kingdom for NES and Final Fantasy Adventure for the Game Boy.

I'd never played Final Fantasy Adventure much before now. Reading up on it, it's apparently the precursor to the Mana franchise. It has the whole 'Mana tree' scroll before you start and Rabites and Mr. Moti and everything. My experience with it so far has been harrowing, with long crawls between shops and towns. Getting poisoned even has it's own music- it's that intense. It weirdly seems to share similar assets to Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, although that was a Super Nintendo title?

Who the hell renders a tree like that, anyway?
In Europe the game was even just released as 'Mystic Quest'. As far as I know, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest was developed by the team that developed the SaGa series, which went under the title 'Final Fantasy Legend' in the US. I figure it's just this huge stew pot of people and assets that keeps getting mixed around.

Other than that- trying to apply to the National Guard? I was in Jr. ROTC in high school, but I'm afraid I might not be able to pass the physical o_O It consists of 2 minutes of sit ups, 2 minutes of push ups and 2 minutes of running. Sit ups aren't a huge deal except my tail bone sticks out so I always get a huge bruise and it hurts like shit (also I have a slipped rib that hurts/moves around), doing even one push up is like a big question mark (although I could beat my father in arm wrestling) o_O?, and generally trying to run for a distance causes me to black out from circulatory issues (and I run weird to boot). For days after running my body will feel like a swollen wound that hurts to the touch all day. But I'm still trying because... ???


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